Your New Guide To Steady Business Growth In 2018

"Making The Most Of Your Business Networking Conversations"

This simple and easy-to-read guide will show you how to turn networking events into real business−building opportunities.

THIS 54-PAGE GUIDE IS FOR YOU IF you are trying to grow your business; your role has a focus on sales and business development; you are a professional with a practice to grow.

What You Will Learn With This Guide

Inside you will find secrets uncovered, myths dispelled and dozens and dozens of ways to interact, connect and build lasting profitable relationships.

  • Before The Event

    What you can do before you go to an event so as to make it more enjoyable and worthwhile.

  • During The Event

    What you can do during the event to capitalise on your preparatory work and make it easier to relax, talk to people and get your message across.

  • After The Event

    How to follow up after the event so that you capitalise on the good connections you make; so that their business cards are gateways to new business and aren’t just sitting on your desk gathering dust.

  • Follow Up On Your Follow-Up

    Easy ways to keep in touch with all your contacts to enhance your relationships, stay top of mind and keep new business opportunities and referrals coming and coming.

Plus You Will Learn:

  • 16 key principles of highly effective networking.

  • How to talk about your business with more clarity and confidence than ever before

  • What to say when someone shows interest buying your product or service so you don’t blow the business opportunity.

  • What to say to help you get back in touch and rekindle relationships with lost contacts.

  • Where to network in person for the best results.

  • And much, much more.

I've Made It As Easy As Possible For You

Included in your purchase are two FREE bonus ebooks

FREE ebook: "15 Questions For Your Networking Success"

Are you attending networking events and not generating any business leads?

If you want better (more profitable) results from your networking conversations, learn to ask better questions.

This is an 18-page compilation of my favorite questions that I personally use when I’m meeting people at a networking event. It's Powerful Stuff!

Normally $47

Normally $47

FREE ebook: "Making Your Networking Coffee Chats More Meaningful And Productive"

Are you spending a small fortune on networking coffees and have little or no business to show for it? Not anymore!

The best networking is accomplished one on one.

This 11-page information-rich ebook shows you how to make your coffee meetings worthwhile and not merely social. The point is to create and win more business in a positive, relationship-building way.

I have known and worked with Ron Gibson for around ten years and have watched him develop "Networking and Business Development" literally into an art form. His system and process is logical and straight forward and can be used by anyone who wants to be effective and more successful in this critically important area of business life. I have attended six or seven of Ron's seminars over the years and always come away with something new and useful to use. I have used Ron's process very successfully over the years, and am very happy to reconmmend him to our team at BDO, to clients and to friends.

Brian Aitken
Brian Aitken BDO Perth

We can attribute tens of millions of dollars in additional sales and new business to the networking skills training Ron Gibson has done for our people.

Norman Roberts
Norman Roberts ANZ Banking Group

Ron is an outstanding facilitator that provides a group with energy and excitement. He delivered his networking course to 20 bank managers and the feedback has been exceptional. The openness and accessibility to Ron is what sets him apart from others in his field. He will make a difference to your business!

Aaron Hockey
Aaron Hockey Bendigo Bank

Ron is a true professional; he understands how to increase sales through networking and the many other business tools he possesses. If you want to increase your sales and improve your relationships with clients and colleagues alike, then Ron's your man.

Tim Wise
Tim Wise



Get your copy of "Making The Most Of Your Business Networking Conversations" guide plus 2 free bonus ebooks!

You CAN make networking events enjoyable.

You CAN have fun networking.

You CAN turn networking events into real business-building opportunities.

Contents Include:

  • Overcoming "How to approach people I don't know and just what do I say?"
  • Getting over your nerves about talking to people
  • What the best ice-breakers and openers are
  • How to join a conversation already in progress among two or more people
  • The one thing to remind yourself of so you don't freeze up when you’re networking
  • The best questions you can ask to hit it off with anyone
  • More great questions to move the conversation along and deepen the connection
  • Tips for keeping a good conversation rolling
  • 10 non-awkward ways to exit a conversation so you can move on
  • Techniques to make circulating through a gathering of people easier
  • How to meet the people you want to meet and make the right impression
  • Ways to follow up effectively with real-world examples
  • Techniques for keeping in touch with all your contacts to stay top of mind and keep new business opportunities and referrals coming your way

About The Author

Ron Gibson

Ron is a leading professional expert in generating business through networking and referrals.

His coaching programs and 200+ presentations every year distill 20 years of experience and insights gained from building his own successful business exclusively from networking, relationships and strong word-of-mouth reputation.

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Get your copy of "Making The Most Of Your Business Networking Conversations" guide plus 2 free bonus ebooks!


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